Lorenzo's Testimonial

Operational Pizzaiolo

Why do you love working for Rudy's?

It is a company that actually care about the workers, support us in any way they can and is a fun place to work! It is a company that cares about the product and that makes you proud of what you do, always aiming for the best.

What has been your favourite experience whilst working at Rudy's?

I think the best experiences are for sure the trips and the days spent all together, growing the relationships between pizzaioli and front of house from all the sites. But also, the courses that the company offers and very interesting, insightful and fun to do.

How has Rudy's helped you develop your career?

Well... I started over 4 years ago, as a Pizzaiolo in Anocats, and since then I have been able to help with the openings of other pizzerias all around the country. I grew and became Sous Chef in Peter Street, then moved to be Head Pizzaioli in Sale and then joined the Operations team for all Rudy's sites. I was able to do that only thanks to the support from the managers, co-workers and of course, the Managing Director.

Describe Rudy's in 3 words.

I would like to describe in more than three, five actually...

Fun, positive, neighbourly, authentic, initiative.

Why did you want to work for Rudy's?

Well, because I heard that the pizza was great and it was a great place to work. So I went to try the pizza and I loved it! The day after I applied for a job.

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