neapolitan margherita pizza

Neopolitan Pizza

For us it's all about the pizza. We follow the true Neapolitan traditions of making pizza. At Rudy’s we're inspired by a local style, unique to Naples, dating back to late 1500s called Ruota di Carro, meaning the wheel of a cart. That’s why our pizzas are fluffy, light and are too big for the plate.

true authentic neapolitan pizza dough

The Difference is the Dough

We make our dough using the rules and disciplines of True Neapolitan Pizza.
Each pizzeria makes their dough fresh every day. Once mixed it rests and proves overnight, the next day it is balled and left to ferment for a second time, creating a dough that is light and easily digestible

shelve with authentic ingredients for neapolitan pizza

Authentic Ingredients

Our pizzas are made with authentic Neapolitan ingredients. From Naples to your pizza, our Holy Trinity of ingredients are what makes our pizzas truly Neapolitan. 00 Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes from the foot of Mount Vesuvius and Fior di Latte.

bag of authentic italian pizza flour

00 Caputo Flour

At Rudy’s we use a traditional, high quality 00 Caputo flour made in the center of Naples. Caputo flour is recognised as the gold standard of flour in Naples. This stronger, extra fine flour is essential to create a pizza that stretches over the edge of your plate. We simply add yeast, salt and water to make our dough.

tomato base pizza

San Marzano Tomatoes

We top our pizzas with San Marzano tomatoes - intense, fleshy and unforgettable. Grown on the volcanic plains of Mount Vesuvius, they have thicker flesh, fewer seeds and the taste is stronger and sweeter. They are so delicious we simply crush them and a pinch of salt to balance the sweetness.

prepared pizza with cheese and tomato base

Fior di Latte

We use Fior di Latte for our pizzas, a creamy mozzarella made from cow’s milk. The creaminess of the Fior di Latte compliments the acidity of the tomatoes creating the perfect balance of flavours. Working with a family owned business in Naples, our Fior di Latte is made to our own recipe, bespoke to Rudy’s.

pizzaioli making napoli pizza

Traditional Neapolitan Ovens

All of our ovens are handmade by Stefano Ferrara in Naples. These traditional Neapolitan ovens are handmade brick by brick, each bespoke to Rudy’s. Our pizzas are cooked for 60 seconds at over 400 degrees to get the perfect charred marks on our caramelised crusts.

pizza crust and dipping sauce on the side

True Neapolitan pizza

We’re proud to produce ‘Verace Pizza Napoletana’ - True Neapolitan Pizza - to the standards of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), and all our current pizzerias are accredited by The Association of True Neapolitan Pizza.