Food Menu


Marinara (ve)

Tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, ev olive oil £4.90


Tomato, fior di latte (mozzarella), basil, *parmesan, ev olive oil £6.50

Margherita con bufala

Our margherita using a creamy buffalo mozzarella £8.40


Tomato, fior di latte, portobello mushroom, basil, oregano, sea salt, *parmesan & garlic oil £7.50 (as a white pizza) £7.20


Tomato, fior di latte, prosciutto cotto (cooked ham) basil oregano, parmesan, ev olive oil £.7.90 (as a white pizza) 7.60


Tomato, fior di latte, napoli salami, basil, ev olive oil £7.90 (as a white pizza) £7.60


Tomato, fior di latte, basil, spicy n'duji sausage (soft calabrian sausage that melts into the pizza) £8.20


Tomato, fior di latte, anchovies, capers, kalamata olives, oregano, basil, ev olive oil £8.90

Meridio (*white pizza)

fior di latte, sun-dried tomatoes , red onion, fresh red chilli, sea salt, oregano, basil, ev olive oil £8.90

Ancozzese or Affumicata (*white pizza)

Chilli flakes, smoked mozzarella, tuscan sausage, friarielli (wild broccoli), ev olive oil or affumicata shavings with kalamata olives £8.90


Our margherita, rocket, prosciutto crudo (cured ham), parmesan shavings, ev olive oil £8.90



Buffalo mozzarella, Prosciutto crudo, served with wild rocket radicchio, Toast house vread - ideal to share £7.90

Bowl of salted crisps


Mixed Olives


Nocellara Olives

Dressed with lemon, ev olive oil £3.50

Side salad

Wild rocket, radicchio, aged parmigiano with a balsamic dressing £3.50

Drinks Menu


Campari soda

Bitter and refreshing, the perfect pre pizza drink, served with salted crisps £3.50

Cynar gin fizz

Cynar, mixed with gin, lemon & prosecco £5.90


A mix of rosso vermouth, campari & gin £5.90

Aperol spritz

Classic aperol mixed with prosecco £5.90

Blood orange mimosa

Solerno and orange juice, topped with prosecco £5.90

Amaretto sour

Disaronno, limoncello, lemon juice & fresh basil £5.90

Tomasso collins

Malfy con limone gin, solerno, lemon and soda £5.90

Hugo spritz

Elderflower, malfy con limone gin and prosecco £5.90

Basil & strawberry rossini

Basil and strawberry mixed with prosecco £5.90


Terre di giulio prosecco brut

Small production, top-notch prosecco, crisp, refreshing 11.5%abv 125ml £4.80 bottle £22.00

Soft drinks

San pellegrino cans

lemon / blood orange £2.20

Pago orange juice

100% fruit juice, simple and refreshing £2.40

San pellegrino sparkling water


Coke / diet coke


White wines

Palazzo del mare, catarratto

(Sicily, Italy) 12.5% abv Bright, citrus and lovely. Sicilian sunshine in a glass 175ml £4.50 bottle £15.90

Orsino pinot grigio

(Sicily, Italy) 12% abv Super soft and drinkable yet flavoursome and interesting. So easy to like 175ml £5.20 bottle £17.90

Zaccagnini, verdicchio di castelli

(Marche, Italy) 13% abv Crisp, zippy and probably our best-kept secret. If you like sauvignon blanc then you will love this. 175ml £5.60 bottle £19.90

Red wines

Palazzo del mare, nero d'avola

(Sicily, Italy) 12.5% abv An exciting wine from Sicily, this nero d'avola offers loads of ripe plumy fruits along with spice, great with tomato based dishes 175ml £4.50 bottle £15.90

Terre allegre, sangiovese

(Puglia, Italy) 12.5%abv Sangiovese - the core ingredient of some of the greatest wine in Italy and always a favourite with our Romagnola. Savoury, ripe and mellow 175ml £5.20 bottle £17.90

Amanti, primitivo

(Saleno, Italy) 13.5%abv Our favourite wine, and perfect with almost all our pizza's, and really is a must with any combination of ham , mushroom or sausage 175ml £5.60 bottle £19.90

****Our wines are served as a standard 175ml measure, we can do a 125ml on request****


Menabrea bionda (330ml) 4.8% abv

A pale lager with a floral aroma £3.70

Rudy's pale draught (330ml) 4.0% abv

light refreshing, fruity pale ale made with runaway, a balance of sweet malt and crisp citrus £4.00

Poretti Draught (378ml) 4.8% abv

Citrusy lager with a hoppy, lingering finish £4.00

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Double shot espresso








- all our coffee will use double shots unless requested -