two men enjoying neapolitan style pizza and drinking beer

Ciao, New Specials

Food & Drink

Introducing the latest specials from Rudy's. Speck + Asparagus and The Caprini...

neapolitan style pizza

Speck + Asparagus

A white pizza topped with Fior di Latte, Stracchino cheese and garlic roasted asparagus. Finished with cured smoked ham + cracked black pepper.

italian neapolitan pizza

Caprini (v)

Created by Gennaro Di Vincenzo who has worked at Rudy’s since 2020. San Marzano tomatoes topped with Fior di Latte, goats cheese, sun-dried tomatoes + toasted pine nuts.

summer drink

Fancy a Mocktail?

‍Joining our cocktail line up is the Pesca Mandarina, made with peach syrup, tangerine syrup, lemon juice, soda + lemonade. Give it a try when you next visit us!


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