Ciao, welcome to Rudy’s – we make true Neapolitan pizza

What makes us truly Neapolitan?

As well as being accredited by Association of True Neapolitan Pizza (AVPN), here is what else makes our pizzas authentic…

pizzaiolo making napoli pizza dough

Fresh Dough Daily

We make our dough fresh every day with 00 Caputo flour, and it's double fermented over 24 hours.

pizzeria flour

Authentic Ingredients

The Holy Trinity: 00 Caputo flour, Fior di Latte, San Marzano tomatoes. Our ingredients are sourced directly from Naples.

authentic napoli pizza oven

Traditional Ovens

Our pizzas are cooked for 60 seconds in traditional Neapolitan ovens handmade by Stefano Ferrara.

neapolitan margherita pizza

True Neapolitan pizza

The result, authentic Neapolitan pizza. Soft, light and fluffy pizza with an airy and raised cornicione crust.

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Ciao, Rudy’s specials.

Every 6 weeks, our pizzaioli create new specials, inspired by seasonal ingredients, local Italian neighbourhoods, or famous Neapolitan pizzerias. Check out our current specials.

mushroom cheese and olive napoli pizza
woman smiling and holding bake at home napoli pizza boxes
pile of bake at home pizza boxes from rudy's
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mushroom cheese and olive napoli pizza

Bake at Home

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