two men enjoying neapolitan style pizza and drinking beer

Persone. Pizza. Passione.


Dream of making Rudy's pizza? The Academy could be for you.
All you need is enthusiasm, commitment and a love for great pizza.

La passione è alla base della grande e autentica pizza napoletana e l'Accademia è il luogo in cui la coltiviamo.

We realised that the pizzerias were too busy to train in, and the magic of learning was lost. The Academy allows our trainees to fully focus on their development by removing the pressure of service.

In The Academy our trainees are looked after by a fully dedicated Academy manager whose sole responsibility is to help them succeed in their training.

During the course, trainees are taken through all stages of pizzamaking. From making dough to cooking the pizza the Neapolitan way.

We also have structured programs for those that have never even touched pizza dough, where they will receive intense training to enable them to step from a trainee to a junior pizzaiolo in just 8 weeks!

kitchen staff making neapolitan pizza
pizzaioli che preparano l'impasto

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