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Rudy's Pizza Napoletana Westfield

rudys true neapolitan pizza sign for new restaurant in york


Rudy’s Westfield will be located in Westfield Shopping Centre, serving up fresh Neapolitan pizza daily.

We believe Neapolitan pizza to be the best in the world. Using traditional methods passed down from masterful Neapolitan pizzaioli, we make our dough fresh every day with 00 Caputo flour, then double ferment it over 24 hours. Our pizzas are made with authentic Neapolitan ingredients. From Naples to your pizza, our Holy Trinity of ingredients are what makes our pizzas truly Neapolitan. 00 Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes from the foot of Mount Vesuvius and the world’s creamiest mozzarella, Fior di Latte.

We opened our first pizzeria in Ancoats, Manchester in 2015. Since then we have spent years perfecting our techniques to create a perfect, light, classic Neapolitan pizza.



To mark the occasion we’re giving you the chance to try our Neapolitan pizza on the house. There will be a limited amount of pizzas to claim, all you have to do for your chance to get yours is sign up below and we’ll be in touch closer to the time.